Recolo Labs - Data Revisited

Recolo /ˈre.ko.loː/ is a Latin verb meaning 'to revisit' or 'to contemplate'. We, at Recolo Labs, do just that. We rethink what is possible to optimize businesses, delivering solutions to accelerate growth with the help of Technology and Innovative Marketing Strategies.

Our understanding of markets and technologies has enabled us to provide unique solutions that merge the two, thereby improving business processes and outreach - simultaneously.

Who We Are

Recolo Labs is a Mumbai-based Consulting firm specialising in Business Strategy, Data Analytics and Web Design. Our clientele currently covers B2B corporations, Luxury Retailers and Non-profits.

Started by two high-school best friends in 2014 as an app development project, Recolo has since then transpired into a firm offering solutions across domains.

Our Vision

Deliver high - performance, yet reliable, solutions that leverage the use of state-of-the-art technologies, whilst focusing on generating quantifiable results. We believe in quantifying impact and delivering measurable success.

How We Work With You

Our work flow changes depending requirements and organisation type. Yet few things remain consistent across verticals. We work in cycles of research, prototype and implement - reiterating till we get the desired outcome.

A Data Centric Approach

With increasing amounts of data being collected every single data, we aim to exploit this data and find underlying patters in business processes. Our "use-case first" approach of tackling data-related problems helps us better understand and implement techniques suited for the task at-hand.

Our History

Though a consulting firm now, Recolo Labs was not always this way. We started up as an app development studio focusing on education apps on dormant platforms like BlackBerry 10 and Windows Phone. Evolving from developers to analysts, our founders have sketched a story unlike any other.

  • Founded Recolo Labs

    Started as a web and app development firm, Recolo Labs starts with a bang. Over a dozen apps across platforms, hitting 10,000 downloads in less than 2 months.


  • Consulting Ops Begin

    From development to consulting in IT and digital marketing, Recolo saw rapid growth with three clients in the first year of services.


  • New Beginnings - Data Analytics

    Equipped with the right tools, RL initiates Advanced Analytics targeting use cases in Business Development and Workflow Optimization.


  • Milestone - 10 clients

    Hit the milestone of 10 clients.


Who We Are